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HAPPY   HOUR (dine-ine only)

           Monday ~sunday 

      All-day happy hour



*Happy Hour price may not be available on Holidays 

with or without notice


*Not all items can be modified

*Any changes are subject to extra costs

*Not all ingredients are listed,

   if you have an food allergy,please advise your server


      Happy Hour Drinks


--House wine    6.95


--Plum wine      7.25

--Plum wine spritzer  6.25

--Domestic beers   3.75

--Kirin,Kirin Light  4.95

--Sapporo Premium  4.95

--Asashi Super dry   4.95

--Small Flavor Sake  7.25


--Large Flavor Sake  11.50

--Large Hot Sake     8.50

--Sake Bomb           9.50

--Wells                     6.50

--House Cocktails  7.95

--Sake Cocktails     7.95



Happy Hour

             Hot Appetizers


->Edamame(spicy garlic+$1.5)  4.00

 lightly salted soy beans 

->Crab Puffs                                5.25

crispy puffs filled with kani and cream cheese

->Haru Maki                               6.25

deep fried veggie spring roll w/sweet citurs sauce

->Takoyaki                                  6.25

grilled octopus ball with japanese mayo

sauce&teriyaki sauce,served with fish cake on top

->Agedashi Tofu                        5.50

fried bean curd in tempura sauce with bonitoflakes 

->Popcorn Shrimp                     7.25

salted fried popcorn shrimp w/bellpeppe,chilli&onion

->Gyoza                                        6.45

pan fried pork and veggie dumplings w/ponzusauce 

->Calamari Tempura                8.25

fried calamari rings with tempura dipping sauce

->Vegtable Tempura                 5.95

4pcs assorted vegtable with tempura dipping sauce

->Wasabi Shu Mai                     7.25

wasabi flavor steamed pork dumplings

w/ponzu sauce

->Basil Chicken Wings             7.50

fried chicken wings cooked in sweet basil garlic sauce

->Baked Mussels                       8.35

new zealand mussels baked w/caviar cream suace

->Soft shell Crab                        9.25

lightly fried soft shell crab w/bell peppers,jalapeno,onions

->Yakitori                                   7.35

grilled chicken & onion/bell pepper skewers(2) with teriyaki sauce 

->Salmon Kama                        8.95

grilled salmon collars



Happy Hour 

              Cold Appetizer


->Seaweed Salad                      5.00

sesame oil seasoned seaweed salad

->Tako Sunomono                   9.00

octopus slices on finely cut cucumber with sunomono dressing 

->Ika Sansai                              6.00

seasoned cooked squid slices on top of seaweed salad 

->Tuna Tataki                           12.95

thinly sliced pepper  tuna w/green onions,honey wasabi,ponzu sauce

->Carpaccio Beef                     13.95

blackened thinly sliced beef sashimi with miso grette

->Salmon Sampler                  12.50

2pcs fresh salmon nigiri&2pcs fresh salmon sashimi 

->Tuna Sampler                        13.50

2pcs fresh salmon nigiri&2pcs fresh tuna sashimi

->Yellow Tail Sampler             13.50

2pcs fresh nigiri&2pcs fresh tuna sashimi




Happy Hour 



Ebi--shrimp                    2.65

Tako--octopus                3.45

Ika--squid                        3.25

Tamago--egg omelet     2.80

Inari--tofu skin              2.25

Kani--crab stick             2.50

Hokkigai--surf clam     2.50

Escalor--super white    3.25

Saba--mackerel             3.50

Nama sake--salmon     3.75

Shiro maguro-albacore 3.25

Maguro--tuna                 4.25



Happy Hour 

                                    Sushi Roll

*up chareg for all extra&change $2 per soy paper


Tekka Maki    raw                          6.50

  fresh tuna roll

Nama Sake Maki      raw              6.50

  fresh salmon roll

Spicy Tuna Roll        raw               7.00

  spicy siracha,spices marinated tuna,spicy powder

Spicy Salmon Roll       raw           6.50

  spicy siracha,other spices marinated salmon,spicy powder

Black Ninja         spicy raw             8.50

  spicy salmon,avocado inside,black tobiko

California      cooked                      6.50

  crab stick,avocado,cucumber inside,masago

Cajun         spicy cooked                   7.50

  spicy crawfish,cucumber inside,spicy mayo,spicy powder

Colossal Shrimp Crunch            10.50

  shrimp tempura,crab mix,avocado,masago inside,crunch mango habanero sauce,shishito suace

Crazy    spicy raw                             8.50

  spicy tuna,shrimptempura,

cucumber,sprouts,jalapeno,masago,spicy mayo jalapeno,masago,spicy mayo

Crunchy    cooked                            7.50

  crab mix,cucumber,avocado,crunch,sesame,spicy mayo,masago

New York Roll    spicy raw              8.95

  yellowtail,jalapeno,seaweed salad,avocado,cream cheese

Ninja Turtle   raw                          8.50

  salmon,mango,avocado inside,wasabi tobiko outside,spicy mayo

Philadeljphia   raw                         7.50

  smoked salmon,avocado,cream cheese,sesame seeds

Rock N Roll   cooked                      7.50

  shrimp tempura,cucumber,sprouts,spicy mayo,masago,sprouts

Spider    spicy cooked                       8.25

  soft shell crab,cucumber,sprouts,spicy mayo,masago

Socal Roll   raw                               7.50

  smoked salmon,asparagus,cream cheese,avocado,masago

Tiger Eye   cooked                           8.25

  soy paper,smoked salmon,cream cheese,jalapeno,masago

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