* upcharge for all changes & substitutions

* $2 for soy paper upgrade per roll

* not requests are fulfill




Chef's Selections

*add a miso soup and salad for $2.00

Sushi Ichi        24.95

7 pcs of chef selected nigiri & 1 california roll

Sushi Ni           35.95

9pcs of chef selected nigiri & 1 california roll and 1 spicy tuna roll


Sushi & Sashimi Delight 42.00

11 pcs of chef selected 5 kind sashimi,4pcs of nigiri & 1 tuna roll

Sashimi Petite               29.95

9pcs of 3 kind chef selected sashimi

Sashimi Oozara            45.95

15 pcs of 5 kind chef selected sashimi

Sashimi Waa                59.95

21 pcs of 7 kind chef selected sashimi

Sashimi Suppa              95.99

33 pcs of 11 kind chef selected sashimi



Maki & Temaki

c=cut roll(6-8pc) h=hand roll(1pc)

*extra charge for all substitutions & changes

*$2.00 extra for soy paper

Black Ninja spicy raw                  8.50(c)

spicy salmon,avocado inside,black tobiko

Cajun spicy cooked          7.95(c) 5.50(h)

spicy crawfish,cucumber inside,sesame seeds,spicy mayo

California cooked         6.95(c) 5.00(h)

crab stick,avocado,cucumber inside,masago,sesame seeds

Colossal Shrimp Crunch   11.00(c)

shrimp tempura,crab mix,avocado,masago inside,crunch mango habanero sauce,shishito sauce

Crazy spicy raw                      9.00(c)

spicytuna,shrimptempura,cucumber,jalapeno,masago,spicy mayo

Crunchy spicy cooked                   8.00(c)

crab mix,cucumber,avocado,crunch,sesame,spicy mayo,masago

Eel Cucumber/Avocado raw9.75(c)6.75(h)

baked fresh water eel & cucumber

Negihama raw               9.25(c)7.25(h)

chopped yellow tail and scallions

New york Roll raw                       8.50(c)

yellowtail,jalapeno,seaweed salad,avocado,cream cheese

Ninja Turtle spicy raw               8.75(c)

salmon,mango,avocado inside,wasabi tobiko outside,spicy mayo

Maui Roll raw                                12.50(c)


outside:red tobiko habanero mango sauce

Philadelphia raw               7.95(c)5.50(h)

smoked salmon,avocado,cream cheese,sesame seeds

Rainbow raw                       12.50(c)

crab stick,avocado,cucumber inside,assorted raw fish on top

Rock N Roll spicy cooked  7.95(c)5.95(h)

ebi tempura,cucumber,sprouts,spicy mayo,sesame seed,masago

Salmon Skin Roll cooked 6.95(c)5.50(h)

salmon skin,cucumber,sprouts,carrots,fish flakes,masago

Salmon raw                   6.95(c) 5.50(h)

Spicy Salmon spicy raw 6.95(c)5.50(h)

Tuna raw        6.95(c) 5.50(h)

Spicy Tuna spicy raw      7.50(c)5.50(h)

Spicy Yellowtail spicy raw 10.50(c) 8.50(h)

spicy sriracha marinated yellow tail

Socal Roll raw                    7.95(c)

smoked salmon,asparagus,cream cheese,avocado,masago

Spider spicy cooked     8.50(c) 6.75(h)

soft shell crab,cucumber,sprouts,sesame,spicy mayo,masago

Tiger Eye raw                    8.50(c)

soy paper,smoked salmon,cream cheese,jalapeno,masago

White Ninja spicy raw                 9.50(c)

soy paper,spicy escolar,avocado,sriacha sauce

Veggie Roll 6.95(c)

fresh asparagus,cucumber,avocado,carrots,sprout

Tempura Veggie Roll 7.95(c)

tempura sweet potato,tempura broccoli and tempura zucchini







Signature Rolls

*upcharge for all changes & substitutions


Akai-Hana spicyraw            15.00

insdie:peper tuna,avocado

outside;spicy salmon,wasabi tobiko

Black Dragon cooked       15.00

inside;soft shell crab,cucumber,avocado

outside;fresh water eel shaved dried seaweed

Canyon raw                          14.50

inside;crab stick,avocado

outside;albacore tuna,roasted garlic,ponzu sauce

Louisiana spicy raw             15.50

inside;soft shell crab,cucumber,avocado

outside;haberno sauce,red tobiko,crab mix,crawfish

Crazy Hawaiian cooked    14.50

inside;panko eel,cream cheese,avocado

outside;fresh strawberry topped with mango,eel sauce

Daraku spicyraw                    14.00

inside;crab mix,cucumber,jalapeno

outside;pepper salmon,chili garlic sauce,red tobiko,black tobiko

Destoroyah spicy raw         15.00

inside;yellowtail,crab stick,cucumber

outside;cheeto's flamin'hot,nemo sauce

Ghost Rider spicy raw        16.50

inside;tempura shrimp,cucumber,

outside;tuna,avocado,sweet potato crisp,wasabi mayo,eel sauce ,sriracha

Flaming Lips cooked          16.00

baked:lit in flames.

inside;crab stick,avocado

outside;escolar,special sauce

Hell Dragon spicy cooked  15.00

deef fried roll

inside;smoked salmon,cream cheese,jalapeno,shrimp tempura

outside;spicy mayo,sriracha,spicy powder

Hulk Smash spicy raw       14.50

inside;pepper tuna,avocado,shishito sauce,escalor,jalapeno

outside;green soy paper green tobiko,green onions

Lava Roll spicy raw              16.50

inside;spicy tuna,jalapeno,mango,crunch,habanero sauce

outside;chunky assorted fish,masago,scallions

Liger Roll spicy raw             13.95

soy paper &;lightly fried!

inside;tuna,salmon,white fish,avocado

outside;spicy mayo.eel sauce,scallions,masago

Patriot Roll spicy raw        13.95

inside;calamari tempura,jalapeno,avocado

outside;fresh tuna,sweet chili sauce,jalapeno mayo

Nemo spicy raw                   13.50

inside;spicy tuna,avocado

outside;fresh salmon,spicy nemo sauce,scallions

New Texas cooked            14.50

soft shell crab,fresh water eel,boiled shrimp,

crabstick,jalapeno,cucumber,avocado,kaiwaii,eel sauce

Rainbow Dragon cooked 15.50

inside;eel tempura,cream cheese

outside;mango,avocado,spicy mayo,mango sauce,eel sauce

Red Dragon spicy raw        14.50

inside;spicy salmon,jalapeno

outside;fresh tuna,avocado,chili ponzu sauce

Shaggy spicy cooked            13.50

inside;shrimp tempura,cream cheese,cucumber

outside;crabstick,spicy mayo,eel sauce

Snow Crab Heaven spicy cooked 14.50

inside;crab stick,avocado,cream cheese

outside;snow crab mix,spicy mayo,masago

Southern spicy raw               14.00

inside;spicy crawfish

outside;spicy tuna,tobiko,spicy crab mix

Surfy Turfy raw                   15.00

inside;fresh ebi,avocado,cucumber,crab mix

outside;raw beef sashimi,lemon slices,ponzu

Salmon Tribecca spicy raw 15.00

inside;shrimp tempura,cucumber

outside;fresh salmon,avocado,crab mix,

spicy mayo,honey wasabi,crunchy on top

Titan spicy raw                         14.00

inside;shrimp tempura,crab mix,avocado

outside;albacore tuna,jalapeno,scallions,

roasted garlic,spicy mayo

O-ren Ishii spicyraw               15.00

inside;jalapeno spicy tuna,shrimp tempura

outside;fresh salmon,avocado habanero sauce,scallions

Volcano cooked                       14.50


inside;crab stick,cucumber,avocado

outside;masago,chopped scallop,eel sauce


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