Fukuda is now hiring experienced Sushi Roller!! Call 281-419-8980 for more info. 9-1-2015

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Welcome! 福田へようこそ

Thank you for visiting our website, in here you will find informations about our menu, party trays, gift cards, insider club and reviews from our real customers and more.


We are one of the most Authentic Japanese restaurants in Houston area. We serve many traditional Japanese items plus French-Japanese, korean-Japanese fushion dishes. We offer the freshest sushi possible, all our fish is never frozen unless reqired by law for safety purposes.


For the past four years, our guests have put their trust in our quality and enjoyed our friendly atmosphere in our restaurant. Many of them have became friends. It wouldn't matter if you are just passing by or those who come visit couple times a week. We appreciate your support. We love what we do and we are doing what we love. That...makes us different. (#^.^#)


Lunch Specials 昼食スペシャル

"Today's special, yesterday left over", not here ... never at Fukuda. We don't push left overs, we introduce our customers to new items thru Specials.


Our Today's Specials are available Monday - Friday from 11:30a - 3:00p. They come with miso soup, salad, a chef's roll and 3 pc of sushi. For $12.95, great value.


For more information about the Lunch Menu, go to our Lunch page, and don't forget check out our Today's Specials on our Facebook page M-F after 11:40am.


Weekend Specials 週末スペシャル

Our seafood comes in 3 times a week to ensure the freshness of our ingredients. But on Friday's deliveries, we would order something diffenent, "off the menu" items. Most of the time, we would have Aji (Spanish Mackerel), Uni, Ocean Trout, and sometimes, we might have Bonito, Kampachi, fresh Toro, Live Scallops, Live Oysters, Giant Clam, and there was once, we had Sea Cucumber.


We post our weekend specials on Facebook, every friday @ around 4:30pm.